Jet Fuel Tanks ~ Watson Air-Side Projects
Jet Fuel Tanks ~ Watson Air-Side Projects

Site and Factory Clearance

Watson Site Clearance - Cold Shearing
Watson Site Clearance – Cold Shearing

Companies seeking to, streamline, or relocate, frequently require site clearance based services. J Watson & Sons offer the complete service including Turnkey solutions for entire sites.

Factory and warehouse equipment of most types,  dismantled and recycled.

Our portfolio includes Military and Civil Installations, Warehouse and Distribution Centre Operations, Factory and Industrial Test Facilities.

We specialise in deconstructing and recycling large scale Industrial facilities, and offer a ‘nationwide service’. If you have a  project you would like to discuss, then we look forward to hearing from you.

All Scales of Site Clearance Project Undertaken
All Scales of Site Clearance Project Undertaken

Our work can take us in to venues where the use of large plant to remove assets is sometimes not practical.

Often in large warehouses or factory locations where the resident infrastructure and systems are complex, and working space limited.

We then deploy teams of technical dismantlers. Working sometimes in difficult situations, our operators are highly experienced at asset deconstruction and recycling of all scales.

We are sometimes required to work at height, using a a variety of access equipment and dismantling techniques. Detailed project planning and the deployment of special PPE are always required for this type of operation.

We always expect to produce detailed plans and documentation in support of any projects we undertake, pursuant to the CDM Regulations 2015.

‘Sensitive Site’  based operations…. 

Some of our projects take us in to sites where special considerations prevail. For example, from Environmental  and Technical Issues,  to Health & Safety and Confidentiality. Our approach to such situations is always bespoke, and designed to suit our clients requirements, precisely.

This can include measures such as , out of hours working, special equipment provision and client nominated project preparation activities.

Built Asset Dismantling & Recycling
Watson Site Clearance Specialists ~ Jet Engine Test Facility