Metal Recycling and Yard Services

 Watson Yard Services ~ Recycling
J Watson and Sons Limited ~ Salvage Processing Facilities

We operate an extensive yard service from our premises on Common Road in Stafford.

With full weighbridge facilities, we provide detailed Transfer Notes for each load received, specifying waste types and quantities. We are able to unload commercial vehicles where required, and offer fork lift truck and other mechanised offloading solutions as needed.

J Watson & Sons purchase all types of metal waste and scrap including, but not limited to: Aluminum, Brass, Electrical Cable, Copper, Lead, Steel, Stainless-Steel, Tungsten, and Titanium.  Members of the public are welcome to drop off household or similar items at our premises.

We provide on-site parking bays for site visitors. Our reception area is located within the site office and located just behind the weighbridge.

The yard is often a very busy place.  Please exercise caution when visiting our premises.

Salvage Volumes Received

We are able to recycle any weight of scrap metal.  From just a few household items, to industrial volumes of salvage delivered by lorry.  If you are planning to deliver in large volumes of salvage by HGV please let us know in advance whenever possible.

Full Weighbridge and Yard Service
Scrap Cars and Commercials

We receive scrap cars, commercial vehicles and equipment at the yard. Please bring the vehicle registration document (Form V5) if you plan to leave a vehicle with us.

Construction Industry and Allied Trades
Construction Industry Salvage Purchased
Construction Industry Salvage Purchased

We offer competitive prices for scrap copper and brass.

We specialise in cable recycling and buy electrical cables of all classifications, types and sizes.

From structural steel, end of life plant or equipment to old paint pots, we recycle most types of construction industry salvage.

Please note – J Watson & Sons Limited is a regulated business and operates strictly within the limits of current law.

We reserve the right to refuse to buy items where provenance or ownership cannot be properly established.

Please see our ‘Corporate Buying Policy‘, for further information on this subject.

J Watson and Sons Limited, Common Road, Stafford ST16 3EQ

Please see our ‘Contact Us‘ page, for directions on how to find us.

J Watson & Sons Limited ~ Common Road Site, Stafford ST16 3DG
J Watson & Sons Limited ~ Common Road Site, Stafford ST16 3EQ