Metals and General Recycling

J Watson and Sons ~ Recycling Protects The Environment
Caring for the Environment Through Action

Our organisation is passionate about recycling. We believe firmly in the principles of protecting limited resources and the efficient recycling of existing materials.  Everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment for the use of future generations.

As a volume processor of waste metals, we are acutely aware of our role within our industry.  It is our goal  to deliver solutions to our clients which are economic but kind to our environment and which conserve our resources.

In our situation, with few projects ever being identical, we plan all site operations individually.  This includes the way we plan to handle the resultant salvage.

Climate change and diminishing resources mean that it is now more important than ever to make the best possible use of our raw materials.

For every ton of newly manufactured steel, over 20% of the required raw material comes from scrap metals.  Worldwide, this 20% represents millions of tons of ore each year which does not require processing or mining, equating to a monumental saving in energy and resultant pollution.

Large Projects – Recycling on a substantial scale….

When handling demolition based projects, we encounter waste of many types and all will require recycling. Salvage means all resultant materials and can include, concrete and bricks, paper, metals, plastics, wood, oils, chemicals and sometimes dangerous materials such as asbestos based products.

Salvage comes in an incredible range of shapes, sizes and weights. Wherever possible, we aim to recycle all resultant salvage to minimise or eliminate the land fill.

Bricks and concrete are normally turned in to hardcore for building site use and metals are recycled for reuse in new products.  All oils, paper, wood and plastics are carefully collected before being sent for recycling or further processing.

All of our work in recycling is regulated by current legislation.